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FINANCIERA DE DESARROLLO NACIONAL S.A., previously known as FINANCIERA ENERGETICA NACIONAL S.A., in compliance with Law 1581 of 2012, hereby issues the following privacy warning:

FINANCIERA DE DESARROLLO NACIONAL S.A., is a mixed-ownership company reporting to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. In addition, it is overseen by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia and is identified by NIT 860509022-9. Its main domicile is Bogota D.C., Colombia, and it is the PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR SAFEGUARDING any personal information. FINANCIERA DE DESARROLLO NACIONAL S.A. may be contacted as follows:


Domicile: Carrera 7 No. 71-52, B Tower B, 6th Floor, Bogotá, D.C.

Phone: (57 1) 326 4999

This privacy notification does not refer to the information supplied by any FDN financial consumers for the purposes and intent established in Law 1266 of 2008 (financial, credit, and commercial data habeas). Therefore, the information provided to Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional S.A. for any such purposes will be governed by said law.


FINANCIERA DE DESARROLLO NACIONAL S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “FDN”) will safeguard the personal information provided to it by the information owners based on the authorization provided by said owners that is meant to allow normal business operations, including the following: identification and contact data, business-related data, biometric identification data, asset-related data, and data related to commercial and/or financial information. In addition, the FDN may obtain information about the owners through properly authorized third parties and may obtain any public data determined by the Constitution or by the Law that may not require any authorization for safekeeping.


The FDN will not ask the owner for any sensitive information unless there is a critical need as determined by the law. If information related to minors is requested, the child’s or children’s legal guardian will be informed of the legal right to not supply any such information related to minos.


The FDN will use the authorization provided by the owners to use the information for the following purposes:


  • To fulfill the FDN’s company purpose, to comply with the contents of the applicable laws, and to comply with the contracts and conventional obligations to which the FDN is subject.
  • To provide follow-up, to carry out studies and development work meant to improve the service provided by the FDN, and to engage in marketing, company campaigns, or business plans.
  • To market the FDN’s products and services, whether separately or in conjunction with third parties or on behalf of third parties.
  • To transfer information to the FDN’s business allies that may result in marketing new products and/or services.
  • To add owner information to databases that are shared with other responsible parties in pursuit of the same purposes as the purposes set forth in this document.
  • To comply with any requirements and orders from domestic or foreign judicial or administrative authorities to exercise their legal functions or in relation to which it is appropriate to formulate, report, file suit for, or call for arbitration, including claims or lawsuits.
  • For any other purposes authorized by the owner of the information or that may be allowed based on Law 1581 of 2012, its associated regulatory decrees, and any other standards that may regulate or modify said Law.

The third parties mentioned above may be citizens or foreigners. The FDN will verify that foreigners comply with the minimum requirements determined in Law 1581 of 2012 and its associated regulatory decrees.


The FDN freely acknowledges that the owner has the following rights under the legal terms established by Law 1581 of 2012:


  • The owner may at any time reasonably request that the FDN report on which personal information is to be used and for which specific purposes.
  • The owner may ask the FDN to update the owner’s personal data; the owner must provide proof to the FDN that this information is new and needs to be updated.
  • The owner may ask FDN to correct and rectify any inaccurate or erroneous information in the FDN's possession. To do so, the owner must provide the accurate information along with any required backup.
  • If the owner determines that any information is incorrect and should be removed, the owner must provide proof to the FDN about any underlying events that cause the need for the information to be removed.
  • The owner may ask the FDN to cancel any previously provided authorization related to how the information is used provided that there is no legal or contractual duty that obligates the owner or the FDN to leave that authorization in effect.
  • The owner may ask the FDN for a copy of the authorization issued for the FDN to hold the owner’s personal information in its possession.
  • The owner may not be limited by the FDN in any fashion in relation to exercising the owner’s legal or constitutional rights. Therefore, the owner is free to bring any actions that it may deem to be pertinent before the different competent authorities.

The information owners may check FINANCIERA DE DESARROLLO NACIONAL S.A.’s Internal Personal Information Policies and Procedures Manual containing all of the policies and procedures related to handling personal information.