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Use and Privacy Policies

The purpose of this website is to provide its users with information about the products and services provided by Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (hereinafter referred to as “FDN”).


These terms and conditions represent the basic website usage terms applicable to users. Therefore, when accessing and browsing this website, users accept and must comply with these terms and conditions. If users do not agree with the contents of this site, they should refrain from accessing and perusing it.

Any sort of information and the contents that are on this website are the exclusive property of the FDN. Therefore, they are protected by the applicable intellectual property right laws and the international treaties to which the Republic of Colombia is a signatory. Users are not allowed to use any information or content found on the website for copying, duplicating, redistributing, reproducing, compiling, publishing, transmitting, or marketing purposes. This prohibition also includes creating any FDN-derived services or engaging in any other related activity. Therefore, FDN expressly and directly prohibits any of these types of actions.

The contents and information of any nature that may be found on this website are merely for informational purposes. Therefore, users may not use them for any purpose other than the purpose set forth on this website. Users will be solely responsible for how this website and the information contained on it is used.

If users would like to purchase any product or service that is offered by the FDN, they should contact the FDN to begin the process to be able to follow the instructions provided by the FDN.

This website may have information or content from third parties other than the FDN with links or ties to websites other than the FDN. The FDN in no case will be responsible for any such information or content. In any case, the information, contents, and links to websites other than the the FDN website will be protected under their own terms and conditions, which the users must follow to be in proper compliance with them.

The FDN does not issue any sort of warranty and will not be held responsible for or back the accuracy, integrity, or appropriateness of the information or contents stored on this website under any circumstance. The information or contents are supplied "as is" at the time that users access them. The users expressly accept that the FDN will not bear any liability whatsoever for any errors, omissions, or partiality related to the information and contents of this website. Moreover, the FDN will not be held liable whatsoever for any damages, prejudice, expenses, or losses that may be derived directly or indirectly from the existence, use, access, or inability to use or access this website or any of its links or ties.

The FDN reserves the right to update, modify, or remove the information and contents of this website at any time with no prior notification. Likewise, this right extends to the contents and scope of these terms and conditions.

Any information that the FDA collects from the website users will solely be used based on the information that the users enter directly into the website. The FDN pledges to protect and use this information solely and specifically for the intended purpose and will treat it as confidential. All this is in line with the legal requirements applicable in the Republic of Colombia. Likewise, the information indicated in this paragraph will be secured by using the appropriate security measures that are in compliance with the legal requirements applicable in the Republic of Colombia.

In any case, the FDN or other third parties authorized by the FDN may collect, store, and capitalize on cookies to improve the quality of the service offered to its users through its website. Any information related to cookies is anonymous and may not be provided or be used to collect any type of personal information related to any FDN user.

Any dispute or question that may arise from using this website or from interpreting and/or applying these terms and conditions will be subject to the applicable laws in the Republic of Colombia and as well as the competent Colombian courts of law.