Corporate Governance

The FDN’s solid Corporate Governance is one of the elements that guarantee the technical rigor with which it undertakes all of its projects.
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Shareholder Structure

When the National Government founded Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, it undertook the commitment to seek the participation of other parties in the group of shareholders, with the purpose of giving the FDN some characteristics that would not only allow it to strengthen its financial muscle to meet the infrastructure needs in the country, but also to provide it with the technical capacity and sufficient autonomy to offer solutions and products in terms of financing, advice and structuring.

To this end, the capitalization by multilateral organizations IFC and CAF was first materialized and subsequently, the participation of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), a Japanese bank expert and international leader in financing of major projects was made official. Currently, IFC and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation each have 8.88% of shares of the organization, CAF has 8.65%, and the Grupo Bicentenario S.A.S, the majority shareholder, has 73.36%.

The admission as shareholders to FDN by IFC, CAF and SMBC is a sign of confidence in the entity, which strengthens its technical capacity to provide financing and structuring solutions focused on the development of infrastructure in Colombia. These entities provide Know How, and are a national and international warranty seal, which undoubtedly represent support for the purposes of FDN.

FDN’s partners have transferred to it their high standards in Corporate Governance, which ensures that their decisions both in financing and in advisory and structuring are based on technical foundations. As a result, projects structured, financed or advised by the entity must be commercially and financially viable and have the positive vote of at least one of the representatives of the multilateral organizations in the institution’s board. This is not only an important factor for the sustainability of the infrastructure sector development, but also contributes to strengthening the confidence of market players.